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When it Comes to Car Parts, Only the Very Best Have Been Proven to Deliver--Get Genuine OEM Parts here at our El Cajon Parts and Accessories Department

At Mossy Volkswagen, we regularly field questions regarding automotive parts, particularly along the lines of "what's the difference between OEM-approved and aftermarket parts?" We can certainly appreciate the question--after all, it's no secret that, oftentimes you can find aftermarket parts and accessories that look identical to those that have factory-approved, but for a far more affordable price.

So why spend more when you can spend less? Well, think about it this way: all blood looks exactly the same, when in fact there are four distinct blood types. When a transfusion is performed on a person, if an incompatible blood type is used, the patient's immune system will treat those blood cells as foreign invaders and attack them accordingly. Therefore, it's of vital importance that only the blood type that specifically matches that which it is replacing is used. If not, the transfusion is rendered useless.

While replacing an original Volkswagen part with one that hasn't been factory-approved might not necessarily render your car useless, per se, it can have an effect on your vehicle's performance and long-term wellbeing. Genuine Volkswagen parts are always the best bet--not only will your car perform optimally, but because they are more rigorously tested and manufactured using higher-caliber materials, the parts themselves will last longer, thus saving you money in the grand scheme.

When you come to our service center, you can breathe easy knowing that we never settle for anything less than the best for our customers--both in how we perform all repairs, and the tools we use to get the job done.

In the El Cajon, CA area are interested in ordering parts for your ride? The folks in our parts department can lend a helping hand so as to ensure you're getting the exact right fit.

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