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New Rear Brake Pads in Escondido, CA

Your vehicle's brake pads are integral components, responsible not only for stopping your vehicle-but maintaining its safety during turns and slow movements. Eventually, brake pads wear down. This puts drivers, and passengers, at risk on the road. Your vehicle's rear brake pads are particularly susceptible to day-to-day wear-and-tear, requiring scheduled check-ups for assured reliability.

Here at the Mossy Volkswagen Service Center, our team is dedicated to our community's safety. Whether you're a commuter, a weekend explorer or a long-distance driver, we'll make sure your vehicle is always in top shape.

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Rear Brake Pad Damage

Your brake pads work alongside your car's brake discs slowing them down. Pushed against these discs via pistons, brake pads tend to wear out with prolonged use. Without fully functional brake pads, your vehicle's other elements-like its discs, calipers, and rotors, can become damaged as well. To maintain effective brake pads, and to avoid pricey automotive repairs, you'll need to identify potential rear brake pad issues before they become serious.

Identifying Rear Brake Pad Problems

Fortunately, rear brake pads that start to wear down can be spotted before they become a hazard. Once deterioration begins adding up, your rear brake pads become thinner. Eventually, they'll need to be replaced-but it's a good idea to contact a professional before they're worn down completely. If you notice the following signs of brake pad damage, ask for a technician's help as soon as possible:

  • Visible brake pad degradation
  • Active tire indicator lights
  • Deep, metallic groans and scratching sounds

Your rear brake pads can last between 30,000 and 35,000 miles, but it's a good idea to check out your vehicle's maintenance timeline to determine its specific needs.

If you suspect your rear brake pads are wearing down, give us a call today. If you're interested in routine maintenance, part replacements, and tire deals, schedule a service meetup at our location. At Mossy Volkswagen, your driving experience is our priority.

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The Professionals of Mossy Volkswagen

Our service team has spent years perfecting the art of automotive check-ups, maintenance, repairs, and part replacements. We have a keen eye for tire damage, pinpointing the source of brake pad erosion to get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.

Centrally located, we're always prepared to serve drivers across San Marcos, Rancho Santa Fe, Valley Center and Vista, CA. We intend to give our Escondido, CA residents the service options they deserve-employing a diligent team of industry professionals outfitted with today's leading automotive maintenance technology.


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