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When It Comes to Repairs for Your Volkswagen, Parts Matter

When it comes time for your new Volkswagen to get a part replaced during regular maintenance or because of necessary repairs due to an accident, you have a few options on where your parts originate. There are plenty of companies that make replacement parts, but they're not always the best choice for quality replacements.

Volkswagen doesn't just manufacture cars; it also produces parts for replacement. Because the original manufacturer makes a specific part, it usually incorporates higher quality materials than generic parts manufactured for a mass market. Known as OEM, or original equipment manufacturer, these parts are more commonly found at a dealership, where your technician will stand behind the brand knowing that it makes the best replacement for your vehicle.

Whether you bought a base model Volkswagen or opted for a top-of-the-line trim, there are still Volkswagen brand accessories to further enhance or personalize the time you spend in your vehicle. Pet owners can find options to protect their upholstery or contain their pets designed to fit their particular vehicle. For those needing extra flexibility for carrying cargo or hauling bikes and skis, there are roof racks that will fit perfectly.

At Mossy Volkswagen, we're going to treat your Volkswagen like it was our own. That means sourcing quality parts for repair that will give you years of lasting performance. Our technicians are experts at what they do, training and experience to quickly diagnose an issue and find a solution. Whether you need to catch up on routine maintenance, want to install an accessory, or need vital repairs after an accident, we're here to advise you on the best parts for your car and a personalized plan to keep you Volkswagen performing it is best going forward.